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Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is free to the client. Usually, it lasts 30 minutes. This allows A.T. Olson Consulting, L.L.C. to ascertain what the client needs for their request on either an expert witness opinion on police practices, human resources practices or customized training.

Consultant Services Agreement

The Consultant Services Agreement (CSA) is an agreement between the client and A.T. Olson Consulting, L.L.C., (consultant). The CSA delineates the effective date of services, scope of work to be provided, payment, retainer if applicable, communication, termination of agreement, harmless clause, and additional services.

1. Effective date: The CSA is effective when consultant receives a signed copy of the CSA from client and retainer when applicable.

2. Scope of work: The CSA will describe what type of services will be provided to the client. This could be an expert witness opinion on police practices, human resources practices or customized training/human resources consultation.

a. Expert witness opinions

  • Consist of the consultant reviewing, making notes, and assessing all documents provided by the client regarding the case.
  • An expert witness opinion will be made by the consultant on the case.
  • A report will be provided to the client if requested.

b. Training sessions

  • Consist of onsite training.
  • Curriculum presentation by consultant.
  • Adult learning methods used by consultant.

c. Human Resources consultation

  • Examples include mentoring, conflict resolution, team building, etc.

3. Hourly rate:

a. $200.00 for all consultation services accept training classes or public presentations.

  • Includes reviewing, making notes, and assessing all documents.
  • All communication (email, telephone, text, written, virtual meeting and face-to-face) with client or designated representative.
  • Report writing for expert witness opinion reports and/or supplemental reports.
  • Depositions, arbitrations, court hearings or trials and time spent in producing documents for production and inspection prior to these events.

b. $1,000.00 for training or public presentations.

  • Actual onsite training or presentation.
  • Client is responsible for onsite or virtual arrangements.
  • Includes curriculum and method of delivery.
  • Adult learning methods use by consultant.
  • Content is protected by applicable copyright laws. laws
  • If less than one hour, $1,000.00 still applies.

4. Retainer:

a. A retainer is required before the consultant begins working on an expert witness opinion.

b. The $2,500 retainer will be applied toward the hour’s consultant provides his consultation services and expenses.

c. If the consultant completes all his services or is no longer needed by client, any unused amount of the retainer will be refunded to client or their payee.

d. If the consultant’s hours go past the $2,500 retainer amount, consultant will continue to submit an invoice for his professional services to client at the $200.00 per hour rate.

5. Expenses and reimbursement:

a. Client will reimburse consultant for all travel expenses.

b. This includes hotel, rental car, airfare, gas, and meals.

c. Consultant will provide receipts.

6. Payment

a. Consultant will submit an invoice for his professional services and any expenses with receipts at the end of each month.

b. If the professional services are completed before the end of the month, consultant will submit the aforementioned documents when the service is completed.

c. Payment shall be made to the consultant within ten (10) business days.

7. Termination:

a. This agreement may be terminated by mutual consent of the parties.

b. In addition, consultant may terminate this agreement by giving fifteen (15) days written notice of intent to terminate, without waiving any claims or remedies it may have toward client.

c. Termination shall not excuse payment for expenses properly incurred and/or hours worked by the consultant prior to notice of termination, but neither party shall be liable for indirect or consequential damages arising from termination under this section.

8. Harmless:

a. Consultant will be held harmless and not liable for any accidents, actions, or omissions from all individuals associated to his consultation services on this matter.

b. This includes after the consultation services have been completed.

9. Additional Services:

a. Any additional services or requests by client not expressed in the CSA will be reason to complete an amended CSA to be agreed upon by client and consultant.


1. A.T. Olson Consulting, L.L.C., is dedicated in providing the best consultation value on expert witness opinion for police practices, human resources practices, and training services to all clients.

2. Customer satisfaction and repeat business is of paramount importance.


1. To provide clients with honest, timely expert witness opinions on their cases which enables them to proceed forward with the most comprehensive data possible.

2. To provide clients with relevant and useful human resources consultation and training services.

Questions About the Terms and Conditions

1. Questions about the terms and conditions should be directed to info@atolson.com or at 971-409-8135.

2. Thank you for being a visitor to this web site.