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Private investigations, Expert Opinion, Customized Training.

Aaron T. Olson has decades of experience as a consultant and expert witness. With a rich background in Law Enforcement, Education, State and Local Government, he is uniquely qualified to understand and serve every client.

Private Investigations

Workplace and general investigations. Mr. Olson assists attorneys on civil and criminal cases, insurance companies, conducts witness interviews and more.

Expert Opinions

Expert witness opinions on police practices and human resources practices. Mr. Olson assists attorneys on civil and criminal cases and insurance companies.

Customized Training

Training and consultation services to businesses and government entities. In 2003, Mr. Olson was selected as trainer of the year by Oregon’s Department of Public Safety and Standards.

Welcome to A.T. Olson Consulting, L.L.C.

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Mr. Olson is dedicated in providing the best private investigation, expert witness opinion for police practices, human resources practices, and training services to all clients. Customer satisfaction and repeat business is of paramount importance.


To provide clients with honest, timely private investigation services, and expert witness opinions on their cases, enabling them to proceed forward with the most comprehensive data possible. To provide clients with relevant and useful human resources consultation and training services.

Aaron T. Olson

Managing Partner

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